Welcome our new Trainee Music Leaders

We are excited to be into the new year of our mentoring programme, here are some short welcome videos from our new trainee music leaders. Our mentoring programme has been such an excellent part of our inclusive music programme, developing an inclusive workforce, who are knowledgeable and have the skills to be flexible and creative in their delivery of music is essential and integral to making musical opportunities accessible for all.

Welcome Liam, he is working in Torbay alongside Daisi partner Sound Communities and mentored by Charlie Palmer, who originally started out herself as a Daisi trainee music leader 3 years ago. Through this opportunity, Liam will be able to explore his own musical practise and develop musically inclusive ways of working with young people that will enable him break down the barriers they face when accessing music making opportunities.  Liam is a 17-year-old music tech student, and has a love for music and especially rap, he uses his music to inspire support people, and we can’t wait to see what he does over the next year.

I’ve been given a great opportunity by Daisi and sound communities to mentor a young person and share all my knowledge and skills with and train as a music leader … I was lucky enough to be mentored myself through this programme nearly 3 years ago now and it’s changed my life for the better!” Charlie Palmer

Baz Bix – Trainee Music Leader

Welcome, Baz, he is working in north Devon alongside our Daisi music leader, Sam Lythgoe Jones, dealing with the complexities of the large rurally isolated area of north Devon, where there are huge amounts deprivation and challenges that prevent young people locally, from being able to access musical opportunities. He will be working with Sam in a variety setting’s and youth clubs, to develop skills working across ages and abilities, and learning to be flexible and creative in his approach.  We have been working Sam for three years in one setting in Ilfracombe, a supported living centre run by Young Devon. He has been setting up 1:1 music sessions and group sessions with young people supporting them to make music with a special focus on rap and grime, for some of those young people the opportunity to play music with Sam is the only thing that gets them out their room; Callum a participant there, commented on his experience: “I’ve enjoyed these sessions so much as they’ve given me the chance to express myself” We have been working hard with Sam to find creative ways to work online, and deliver virtual sessions to those young people who need these musical opportunities more than ever, and this will be great and challenging opportunity for Baz to get involved in. 

Rebecca Grinham – Trainee music leader

Welcome, Rebecca, she’ll be working with DYS Space and mentored by experienced Daisi and Space* music and youth leader Adam Copeman. She will have the opportunity to work alongside Adam leading sessions with regular groups at their youth centre in Exmouth, building skills around music delivery to range of ages and abilities. We also support DYS Space each year, to employ two young music peer educators, Rebecca will also be working alongside Erin and Max, to support the weekly Music Monday sessions. These training opportunities have enabled past mentees and peer educators to go on find further work in the field, and share their learning and inclusive practise with others. 

Leonie Prater – Trainee music leader

Welcome, Leonie, she’ll be joining our partners at BSharp, working with music leader Jacques Verhaeren, in East Devon. Bsharp is music charity based in Lyme Regis, with a wealth of experience and a range of opportunities to support Leonie in developing new skills working with young people in challenging circumstances. Not only is this a huge learning opportunity for the trainee music leader and mentor, but the organisation benefits from having a diversity of perspective. Ruth Cohen the director of Bsharp said: “we have set aside time each week to plan and reflect with her, which has strengthened our organisational practice, and improved our delivery.” Leonie is currently working with Jacques and delivering music sessions online.