What is Abstract Art?

What is Abstract Art?

Work with printmaker Simon Ripley to create abstract images from different inspirational sources.  In this session, Simon explores the work of other abstract artists before taking participants through the whole creative process – from finding inspiration in a pattern or photograph, using it to develop an abstract motif and transforming the motif into a series of original prints.   

Your group will be encouraged to collect photos or images that inspire them ahead of the workshop. 

Simon’s artistic practice is introduced ahead of the day by a short (15 minutes) ‘Daisi Bytes’ video which enables children to connect the activities with the wider cultural world, and can be shared with the entire school community in addition to workshop participants. 


Suitable age group:  KS2 upwards

Curriculum links:  Art and Design

Cost: £430* for one day 

*Cost covers one day of workshops, including administration, preparation and delivery, materials and travel. Additional days of the same workshop cost £275 per day.

Times and numbers:  The workshop is available in one of the following formats: 

  • Two classes of up to 30 children for two hours each, in one day 
  • One class of up to 30 children for one day, as a deeper experience 

Materials: Learners will use collage materials, printing ink and equipment, including a small press.

Key Learning Outcomes


  • Participants can use an inspirational source to develop abstract designs 
  • Participants can use their designs to develop and create a print 
  • Participants are familiar with the work of a range of abstract artists 


  • Participants can adapt their ideas to suit different forms and media 
  • Participants understand the process of printing and can manipulate it to strengthen their own ideas 
  • Participants can discuss the work of a range of abstract artists 

About the Artist   

Simon is a printmaker.  He develops multi-layered abstract images inspired by a wide range of motifs gathered from the world around them.  His work combines monoprinting, collograph and relief printing and he uses a large printing press inherited from his grandfather.  Alongside his own practice, Simon created the organisation Double Elephant to enable people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of printing. 


What’s next?   

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“I learnt about a machine called a press that makes prints. Art is my favourite subject and it opened up a new section for me.”

Erin, Christow Primary School