What will my Project Cost?

What will my Project Cost?

This table offers guidance toward the total cost of your project, taking into account the following factors: Workshop delivery, preparation and installation, materials, administration and artist travel. 

Please note: the cost of materials and preparation time involved can vary enormously.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas and budget using the booking enquiry form. 

Process-based WorkshopTemporary, Indoor Display or PerformancePermanent or Outdoor Display
1 day
(usually up to 60 children)
£415 – £750£485 – £800N/A
2 days
(usually up to 120 children)
£715 – £1245£765 – £1345£890 – £1395
3 days
(usually up to 180 children)
£935 – £1790£1045 – £1840£1200 – £2080
4 days
(usually up to 240 children)
£1195 – £2285£1325 – £2335£1510 – £2575

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“The children had a very positive hands on experience, using all types of wood, new creative ideas with outstanding finished pieces. With the practitioner using wood in such a unique way it developed knowledge, skills and understanding of unusual art and design.”

Teacher at Denbury Primary School