Workforce Development

Mentoring programme

As part of our workforce development, we are running a very successful mentoring program, with three trainee music leaders each year, working alongside established music leaders across Devon and Torbay. Building up our work force and equipping them with the values and skills to develop inclusive musical opportunities for young people in challenging circumstances to: 

  • enable young people to develop musical skills and express their voice  
  • provide a safe platform for personal and social development  
  • give young people the confidence to excel and realize their potential

To combat the huge amount of young people who are unable to access musical opportunities through the traditional routes due to where they live, who they are, what they are going through and due to the lack of diverse and inclusive options available. We are giving trainee music leaders the opportunity to help shape content for and with young people, and to learn from experienced mentors how deliver music inclusively.  

Daisi’s music leader network

As our inclusive music project grows, so does the workforce. We have seen this as an opportunity to establish and support a Music Leaders Network, where we can help in supporting them to connect, share and build working relationships with each other. The aim is to create a network of music leaders that will all be work towards the shared goal of a musically inclusive England to ensure no young person misses out.  

The network is a dispersed community and each individual music leader brings a unique and vital contribution to the mix and through them all we are developing a cohesive music leader voice for Devon & Torbay which will:

  • identify professional needs
  • connect with one another and work as a support system
  • share inclusive practice
  • create resources and a set of inclusive principles
  • identify cold spots and areas of need
Mentee Emily Howard, delivering a quick warm up musical activity

Music specific leadership programme

Another aspect of workforce development is looking how we can encourage and harness the skills and enthusiasm of young emerging potential music leaders. Our Music Specific Leadership programme where we work with three partners who have existing peer leadership programmes. We are working in partnership with them to develop music-specific progression routes for young people and embed them within their programmes, we are currently working with Play Torbay, Turning Tides and Doorstep Arts. They all work slightly differently and are trying to provide alternative professional development routes, designed for the needs of the young people they work with.

Doorstep Arts

As a part of our work with Doorstep Arts, we are running weekly drop in music sessions. Music Mondays sets out to develop skills and work with professional guest musicians in a series of of exciting masterclasses.

The Young SongWriters Project has been featuring emerging musicians at Doorstep and giving them the opportunity to take on leadership roles and mentor younger songwriters. This is a brilliant way to hone their skills and develop experience in mentoring and music leading, and can provide as a stepping stone from musician to music leader.

Nina and Taz’s Song